Stop Foreclosure Answer System

Facing Foreclosure? . . .

I can help you . . . 

“Stop Foreclosure, Avoid Bankruptcy and

Get Money Back”

Cut the Balance on Your Mortgage by Thousands… Maybe Even Tens of Thousands… of Dollars.

Best Part: Your bank or mortgage company MUST do this for you when you apply what I teach.  My system literally forces your lender to modify your mortgage so you can tell them to “stick it” if you want.

Anyone facing foreclosure and bankruptcy needs an advocate – someone who they can turn to for help in understanding the process.  Someone who knows what they are going through.  Someone who can give them correct advice on what steps they can take right now to reverse the process and let them save their home or show them how to minimize their losses.

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  1. sounds like a great system if i could ever get a hold of the copy of the ebook

  2. Hi Mark, do you have an affiliate program for your ebook? I learned about Stop Foreclosure Answer on your Facebook page. I feel this information really needs to get out to the those facing foreclosure, and, well, anybody who’s struggling with their mortgage.

    I’m well aware of the effort that April Charney from Florida is putting forth to educate lawyers and judges about how to legally stop banks from foreclosing on homeowners. So I was quite elated to see that you had come out with an ebook on the subject.

    Even though I haven’t read it, I trust that it is everything that you claim because I know you’re a person of integrity. I met you a couple of times in the Chicago area, most recently being at a real estate seminar, probably NVU. That was about two or three years ago.

    Please let me know if you allow affiliates to market your ebook. You can contact me via email or pm on Facebook.

    Carmelita Sams

  3. Sorry about that! There seems to be a problem with our download link. send me an email and I will send it to you. I will get the link fixed as soon as possible.

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